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The Radio With The Difference

Full Effect Radio was designed in a very unique manner.
Full Effect Radio has taken advantage of the Internet, the most powerful media delivery system on the planet.

At Full Effect Radio we reach out to thousands of people across the world.
With music, news and talk for all ages, and segments for every occasion.
We go the extra mile to keep our listeners tuned in and entertained.

Full Effect Radio is run and managed by professionals who will always work hard to bring you quality programs.
All music and programs are screened.
We have a no tolerance policy against profanity over our station in the music, from the host, DJ's and callers.
This is the place for you and your whole family.


Check out some of his videos on Youtube.
1. My Dream
2. Drive By
3. Board House
4. Guns Out 
5. A nuh so me waa live


Check out some videos on Youtube.
1. L.U.S.T Reggae Flavors
2. Lukie D Rep. for L.U.S.T
3. Just As I Am 
4. Johnny

Singing Melody

Check out some videos on Youtube.
1. Collide
2. Dj SweetP-with Meoldy In Fulleffect Studio
3. Melody NYC Media Tour 
4. Want You Back

    About us

    Want to hear the latest reggae offerings? Prefer to sing along with soft music, or wine yu line with hot hot soca? Full effect radio is one of the hottest radio sounds hitting new York city airwaves with riveting music selections for the young and the old. Massive music for the massive! The latest reggae and soca hits for the young crowd, and reggae and soca classics and cultural selections from the 60's on up for those who yearn for "remember when" times. Whatever the selection, it's good, clean and family-oriented music - music the entire family can tune in to.

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